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More Revenue for your Business

Online reviews are a factor that consumers consider before making a decision purchase. Having an Online Reputation Management system in place can get you more customers today.

More reviews mean more revenue for your business!

More than a beautiful and aesthetic website, it has to be optimized for conversion rate and search engines to be effective.

SEO and Reputation Management

Ranking your Vancouver business in local Google Search is important but so is managing your online reputation.

After all, having visibility will not lead to customers buying your products or booking your services if they can’t trust your reputation based on the online reviews that your previous customers have left your business.

Implement an Online Reputation Management

Online Reputation Management (ORM) will help your business create brand awareness and drive brand preference through targeted online reputation management activities that will protect and preserve your brand reputation and keep your clients and customers happy and will bring you more trust, revenue and sales.

Online Reviews make a lot of Difference

When it comes to Ecommerce business, heavily influenced by customer’s experience online. Online reputation management is paramount to success.

Did you know 3 out of 4 consumers read online reviews before buying online? 36% of consumers will not buy from a business with 1-4 stars ratings (only 6% will purchase)

Increase your Revenue Today

If you neglect to gather customer reviews, your competitors will get your revenue and increase your cost of entering the market.

Uncover new customer opportunities with an improved brand reputation.

74.6% of people have looked online to find out about a doctor, a dentist, or medical care.


Most frequent questions and answers

Why is Online Reputation Management Important?

Online Reputation Management is important because it allows for potential customers to see how you’ve dealt with previous customers in the past.

When you proactively take an approach towards your online reputation, you are able to prompt satisfied customers to leave an honest review on their experience. When you leave your reputation to unhappy and unsatisfied customers, you will generally have reviews that are not beneficial to your business.

It is also important to note that while showing up on Page 1 of Google search is crucial to get customers, it is equally important to have reviews to match or even be better than your competitors. This will elevate your business against your competition as potential customers will see your business is established and trustworthy.

What other Services do you Offer?

Here is a summary of the Digital Marketing Services that I currently offer:

  • Social Media Marketing 
  • Content Marketing (Content and Articles catered to provide resources and value to your targeted audience)
  • Full SEO Service (On Page, Off Page, Citations, Link Building, Local SEO)
  • Email Marketing (Email Newsletter, Cold Email Marketing)
  • Online Reputation Management (Review Generation, Reputation Tracking, Analytics)
  • Google My Business Optimization 
  • Web Design

How much do your Digital Marketing Services cost?

It will depend on the web marketing services that you are looking for your business. 

For example, my services can go as low as $200/month to implement an Online Reputation Management system in place for your business. 

However, I do recommend that we discuss a digital marketing strategy first to determine what would work best for your business. I am open to negotiating a rate that can work around your budget.

Let’s Chat

Do I Have to be Local to Work With You?

Definitely not! With the current pandemic still fresh in our minds, one thing I can say is that work still continued! And it can be done efficiently!

With tools that are available today — we can easily discuss, meet and collaborate ensuring that the design is done according to your expectations.

With that said, my current target market right now is local small businesses! If you are a small business within Vancouver, BC and you’re looking to revamp an existing website or create a fresh new website, Let’s Chat! 

Are the Reviews from your Online Reputation Management real?

Yes 100%!

All the reviews that are generated through our Online Reputation Management are 100% real reviews that are written by your customers that recently bought your product or booked your services.

By having this system in place, we make sure that our client’s business are proactively taking control of the conversation about their customer’s experience with their business.

It is important to note that an unhappy customer is far more likely to leave a review than a happy customer!

How can I avoid getting a Negative Review?

By proactively improving your service or your product, you are ensuring that your customers get the best experience doing business with you. This is the best way to avoid negative reviews to your business.

However, there will be moments where your competition will try to bring you down by putting negative reviews to your business listing and the best way to manage this is to respond graciously to these negative fake reviews and then flagging them so that Google can hopefully remove them in the future.

Can I remove a Negative Review?

It depends.

If a review is genuinely written by your previous customer that did not have a good experience with your business, it will be difficult to have this review removed.

An option though is by communicating with this unhappy customer and offering a way to compensate for their recent bad experience with your business. Generally, when business owners do take this initiative, it helps customers feel valued and they in turn update their review to a more reasonable feedback.

If it is a fake review that is planted by one of your competitors then there is a chance that we can get a negative review removed from your listing. Ultimately tough, it is Google’s discretion whether to honor your request to remove the negative review or not.

The best way really is to continue pumping out good reviews from customers that have had a great experience doing business with you. This in turn will drown out any bad reviews that you’ve received whether it is from fake customers or real customers that did not have a good experience with your business.

Do you only work with Google Reviews?


We can work with different review websites depending on what our client wants to prioritize in getting reviews for.

Generally though, Google Reviews are sufficient to make your business thrive in local searches.

When do I pay?

The typical payment structure is a monthly plan depending on the digital marketing services your business needs. However, we can discuss a payment structure that will work according to your budget.

I can accept payment through PayPal, Stripe, E-transfer and all major credit cards. An invoice receipt will be provided upon payment. 

Do you offer Web Design Services?

That’s right! I also offer Web Design services in Vancouver.

To ensure optimal results that your website is effectively converting site visitors into your customers — I highly suggest that you also look into redesigning your website. I believe that SEO and Web Design should complement each to ensure that

  1. organic traffic are coming to your website and
  2. you are able to capture your visitors attention with on brand web design and a great user experience!
Do you offer SEO services?

That’s right! I also offer SEO services in Vancouver.

If you are a small business wanting to get organic traffic from search engines, I highly recommend you invest in SEO! This does not get you traffic to your website right away but I can guarantee you that if done right, it will drive traffic to your website and help you generate more sales and customers in the long run.

Note that it usually takes a few months for a website to start ranking in a search engine.

Still unsure if it’s worth your investment to opt in for a SEO service — READ HERE for more information!

Do you want to get more customers but not sure where to start?


Don't just take my word

Kim was very professional, kind and completed everything quickly! I really appreciate his help with making sure my website shop was functional and I will be sure to hire him again for any future projects!


Don't just take my word

Kim Lovino is amazing at his craft!! He is not only very professional and creative, but he is very knowledgeable and helpful. I would recommend Kim to other professional looking to strengthen their online presence and goals.


Don't just take my word

Kim worked on my wedding website and my wife and I were extremely happy with the end product. The web design of our wedding website was eye-catching as well as easy to navigate. He was able to execute the vision we have of the website perfectly. He was also able to completely it in a fast and efficient manner. It was easy and comfortable to work with Kim Lovino! Highly recommend him for any web design needs!


Don't just take my word


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What I offer

I build modern and responsive websites optimized for high customer conversion rates

I provide Keyword Research & Tracking, On & Off Page SEO, and Competitive Analysis

Email Marketing

I will build and setup an Email Marketing campaign to target your customer list

Online Reputation Management

I will setup a robust automated system to manage and get reviews from new & existing customers for your business

Graphics Design

I create high quality designs from Business cards to Flyers to Social Media post


I design Modern Logos and a Branding Kit so that your business can stand out amongst your competitors


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